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Burning Season by Bruce Balfour is a contemporary thriller novel that deals with life and death on the cutting edge of technology, where no one is safe. Burning Season, techno-thriller, serial killer, FBI, arson, mystery, suspense, artificial intelligence, it's all here. Previous books Burning Season, Forge of Mars, The Digital Dead, Prometheus Road. Bruce Balfour also wrote The Forge of Mars, released in 2002, which became a bestseller. Thank you for visiting the Burning Season by Bruce Balfour. Now you're one of us....


At a small California college, the chancellor is impaled on a stone gargoyle high above the campus.

In the cold waters beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, a woman's body is pulled from the water, but she wasn't a suicide—her body was burned first.

In a quiet grove of coastal redwoods, a burning woman lights up the night.

Former Special Agent Ben Wright has agreed to track his last serial killer as a low-profile consultant for the FBI.

Despite his fear of fire, Ben's task is to put out the elusive Firebug, who uses high-tech methods to lure his victims to their fiery deaths. But this time, Ben needs help.

Computer scientist Maria Fiore studied many serial killers on Death Row, then created a new tool for this manhunt—a computer simulation of the Firebug's mind.

Can a killer be used to catch a killer, or will the hunters become the hunted?

Bruce Balfour, national bestselling author of The Forge of Mars and The Digital Dead, transports readers into life and death on the cutting edge of technology, where no one is safe.