Prometheus Road





Prometheus Road was released from captivity in November, 2004


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From Booklist:
In a future northern California farm community strictly governed by a council of unseen artificial intelligences known as the Dominion, Tom Eliot is a dangerous anomaly, an adventuresome 20-year-old who scavenges among the forbidden zones near the submerged ruins of San Francisco. During one nocturnal foray, Tom attracts the unwelcome attention of the community's overseers and unwittingly summons a nanobomb that destroys his family. On the run from Dominion cyborgs, Tom is taken under the wing of eccentric hermit Magnus, who enlightens him on the violent history of the Dominion and mentors him in navigating a frightening, Dominion-based virtual world called the Stronghold. With his talent for subterfuge, Tom may be humanity's last hope to walk a virtual "Prometheus Road" and gain backdoor entry into the Stronghold and the power to cast off Dominion oppression. Balfour's quirky characters and suspenseful narration raise the familiar sf theme of humanity enslaved by wayward computer technology above the level of the routine, making for must reading for virtual-reality fans.
Carl Hays
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  Northgate Mall, San Rafael, CA Saturday, December 18, 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.


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