The Man, The Mystery, The Menace to SOCIETY

Bruce Balfour

The secret Life Of Bruce Balfour

Bruce Balfour has been a fiction writer for longer than he can remember. Some people associate this with his ability to lie in a convincing manner, but he doesn’t think he was very convincing until 1982, when he actually started to sell his fiction professionally. Now, he can lie with the best of them.

Bruce has also written non-fiction, the occasional script, the occasional play, many comic books, many computer game designs, and pretty much anything else that kept him off the street. His writing habit has been supported by a variety of other odd jobs, many of which were entirely legal.

In his darker moments, Bruce has also written articles about his research for academic journals, and he insists that his family and friends call him “Dr. Balfour,” but we’re going to ignore all that here. (If you want him to give a kids’ birthday party speech on the topics of historical sociology or social embedding process dynamics in network formation and evolution, just drop him a note, but he refuses to wear another clown outfit. He has standards to maintain.)

His numerous fans, all eight of them, have been hounding him to update his ancient website. What you now see before you is the result of almost an hour of intense effort designed to answer the question, “Didn’t Bruce Balfour write that novel about that thing with all the future stuff in it?”  You’ll see his biography (described as “gripping” by his dog), his credit list (novels, computer games, comics), numerous plugs for his books, and maybe even some photos of his metal sculpture.


The Forge of Mars

Balfour’s novels, which explore such diverse subjects as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, international politics, the future of the Internet, and the future of marketing, have been well-received. The Forge of Mars, a futuristic thriller published by Berkley/Ace in September of 2002, was a national bestseller.

Balfour expertly speculates on many fronts that make NASA and the Martian environment credible. . . . Tau and his trip to Mars make a good story.”  (The Denver Post)

“Strap in and get ready for an exciting ride.”  (William C. Dietz)


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The Digital Dead

The 2003 sequel to The Forge of Mars — The Digital Dead — examined realistic near-future technologies that simulate immortality and how they might be used by unscrupulous marketers and politicians. As they say, some people would die to live forever.

Another wild ride with alien ruins, government plots, conversations with the dead, and Egyptian gods.”  (Jack McDevitt, author of Chindi)

Dense, complex, yet easy to read and enjoy, the trappings of SF, cyberpunk and the techno-thriller are all present here, wrapped up neatly by Balfour’s prose.”  (Zone SF)


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Prometheus Road

Bruce Balfour, national bestselling author of The Forge of Mars and The Digital Dead, transports readers to a future Earth–and a virtual reality hell…

“Balfour’s quirky characters and suspenseful narration raise the familiar sf theme of humanity enslaved by wayward computer technology above the level of the routine, making for must reading for virtual-reality fans. ”
(Carl Hays. Copyright © American Library Association. All rights reserved)



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Burning Season

Bruce Balfour, national bestselling author of The Forge of Mars and The Digital Dead, transports readers into life and death on the cutting edge of technology, where no one is safe.


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